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Mini Spot LED


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The Mini Spot range offers simple and effective emergency lighting from attractive high intensity projectors. More suitable for areas with aesthetic concerns than conventional twin projector floodlights these units are ideal for a wide range of applications requiring open area illumination.
Ideal for:
- Car Showrooms
- Atrium Office Areas
- Large Open High Areas


Constructed from Polycarbonate


Height: 108mm
Width: 186mm
Depth: 55mm

Lighting Control

All Luminaires are supplied with colour 840, 4000k LED's as standard.
Options are available from 3000k to 5000k.
All LED data and performance data is taken at an ambient temperature of +25 degrees Celsius.

Main Attributes

- 2 Watt LED 6000k Lamp
- Designed to comply with EN60598:2:22
- Self Test versions available
- Addressable versions available

Product Image

Mini Spot LED

Catalogue Coding

WattageHeightWidthDepthCat No.
3.6 W108 mm186 mm55 mmSGL/LED/MSS/M3
3.6 W108 mm186 mm55 mmSGL/LED/MSF/M3
7.2 W108 mm186 mm55 mmSGL/LED/MTS/M3
7.2 W108 mm186 mm55 mmSGL/LED/MTF/M3